Experiences As A Writer JaQuita Arnold July 18,2011 Professor Wilmoth Hi my name is JaQuita Arnold and I am writing about experiences in work, school and my personal life. I have several things to say about my writing techniques on how it have helped me. At work I use it as a way of communicating with my parents. At school I am getting help with writing so I can improve my skills. In my personal life I sit down and write different stories or what changes I have made in my life.

First I want to talk about my writing experience at work and how it will help me with my writing skills. I have to fill out papers for lesson plans and a daily sheet to communicate with my parents I also have to write anecdotal note. I have came along way with my writing and my grammar talking to the parents. This writing class will make me get better with punctuations, communication, and more grammar. Secondly I want to talk about writing in school.

I really don’t think I can write when it comes down to writing papers for school because there are so many errors when it look like you don’t have mistake. Sometime I like writing in school all because it is easy to get help before submitting the paper. While I am in this class I hope to gain a lot of knowledge out of this and praying to become a better writer. Third is my writing experience in my personal life which I have a lot of That going on a daily basics. I have a journal that I write in everyday to talk about what happen that day.

With my personal life writing I see my self writing all day everyday even when I don’t suppose to but it is ok because I am trying to enhance my writing skills. I also look forward to becoming someone who cant write to someone who can write with no mistakes. Through out this paper I talked about my different experiences with writing and also where I used the writing technique. I have talked about I hope to get better in writing, population, and grammar. Writing is a good way of learning to me because sometime I learn by writing things down or reading them.

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